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Need assistance in your contract agreements in Vietnam?

Business Consultancy

Vietnam business contract agreement is different from other countries and is critical for your business especially as a foreigner. In most business transactions, it is very important to draft a protective and clear contract under the local law so as to ensure mutual benefits for all parties in a fair, timely and agreeable manner.

Vietnam Legals seek to consistently provide your with our best and experience lawyers in drafting your business contracts and provide consultancy services.


Vietnam Business Contract General Procedures:

  1. Review, check and update on the legal status of your present and future business contracts.
  2. Appoint the right and suitable lawyers base on case-by-case basis.
  3. Draft and check your contract agreements such as Sales & Purchase Agreement, Distribution Agreement and etc.


Our typical contract agreement projects:

  • Assisting ABC Company to negotiate a cooperative contract to distribute X Product with another MNC or Vietnamese Company based in Vietnam.
  • Check and update on the legal status of the franchise agreement between multiple parties.
  • Revise and advise on the Franchising Agreement between A. Company of Vietnam and B. Company of USA.
  • Draft the agency agreement to exclusively distribute wine in Vietnam between Vietnamese Company, Singapore Company and Australian Wine Manufacturer.
  • Draft and execute cooperative agreement between ABC Company and Vietnamese partner.