Foreign Investment in Vietnam

Vietnam Foreign Investment
Do you need legal advice on Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs)?



We believe that opening a company in Vietnam does not have to be a headache for many foreign investors. You will be glad to know that we have assisted numerous investors in their business incorporation all over Vietnam. For some countries, they have titles such as corporate secretary. In Vietnam, you will need a Vietnam lawyer. We take care of all your certifications, licenses and permits.

Generally, foreign investors will open their businesses in Saigon /  Ho Chi Minh / Hanoi. Their manufacturing factories or warehouses may be situated around the cities also. There are designated areas for such industries and buildings in Vietnam. As for real estate or hotel development, they tend to crowd in the city itself. There are also numerous smaller businesses such as retail shops springing up. For example, food and beverage franchises or restaurants are marked in trend for 2017 to 2020.

Vietnam is an attractive location for new businesses. The economy and business environment is changing and our country is constantly opening more doors for foreign investments. As such, we believe that opening a company in Vietnam does not have to be a challenging task for many potential operators. Although there are documentations and procedures to establish, we are here to ensure your growth is safe and healthy.

Vietnam Legals clientele includes offshore companies, foreign invested companies and domestic corporations. Our clients operate in various industries such as: 

  • Banking and Finance
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Entertainment and Event
  • Insurance and Advisory
  • FMCG
  • Manufacturing
  • Trading and Wholesale
  • Shipping and Marine
  • Information Technology and Communications

We have successfully represented various joint venture companies and investors (including foreign investors and domestic investors) and are aware of all the tough challenges faced by them. 


  1. Assistance in market research
  2. Quantifying benefit and risks associated with investment policies of the government
  3. Foreign invested company formation
  4. Establishment of branches and representative office of foreign companies
  5. Expanding business of foreign invested company
  6. Obtaining business license or investment certificate for investors in Vietnam or in other countries.

In many circumstances, our capacity of communicating with the local community and intensive experience of our lawyers have made the local authorities and counter parties more comfortable in reaching agreement, resolving dead lock and have contributed to the success of the client’s business.

Vietnam Legals is proud to assist clients in negotiation, licensing and post licensing procedures for the establishment and operation of their commercial presence in Vietnam.



  1. Acting for A. Company to establish a joint venture company in Vietnam. A. Company is licensed to implement importation, exportation and distribution right of steel and related products.
  2. Acting for B. Company – a foreign invested company with Japanese Investors as shareholders – for expanding business presence in Vietnam.
  3. Acting for C. Company – a Singapore company to setup a factory manufacturing textile and clothing in a favourable location in Vietnam such as an industry park.
  4. Acting for a large Vietnamese company to establish a joint venture company with a Korean Investor operating in the the construction industry and project management.
  5. Acting for a large digital MNC to consult local authority and agencies with regards to their projects and strategic planning.
  6. Acting for a large number of Asian, Japanese and Australian Companies to setup their Representatives Office in Vietnam.