Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

Vietnam M&A Lawyer
M&A requires meticulous and professional lawyers. Please contact us for more details.

The Merger and Acquisition (M&A) trend in Vietnam has been and is set to continue rising according to survey and statistics done in 2017. Vietnam Legals lawyers and our partners have designed and created our in-house set of framework and solutions to address potential risks in M&A. This is to ensure a smooth and safe transaction for our clients.

Our clients are professionally assisted by us in numerous areas in Vietnam such as performing due diligence, preparing and reviewing legal documents, design and set up deals and etc. With our local knowledge and experience, we are confident of ensuring a professional transaction for you.

Our professional and practical consultation have been deeply appreciate by our clients as we continue to contribute to their success in Vietnam.

Our Major Merger and Acquisition Projects include:

  1. Representing A. Company in the transfer of a construction project of B. MNC office building to Australian investor: consulting the feasibility of the transaction, advising, reviewing related documents, agreements and contracts.
  2. Representing C. Company in the acquisition of a manufacturing project from foreign investors, included consulting the feasibilityof the transaction, preparing related documents, contracts and handling the licensing procedures.
  3. Representing D. Company in acquisition of Y Project: consultation on the feasibility of the project, advising, reviewing related documents, agreements, drafting contracts.
  4. Representing E. Company from Malaysia to transfer part of capital contribution in a joint venture of distribution of timbre in Vietnam to a Vietnamese investor; advising the process of transaction, drafting related documents, negotiating the transfer and registering the capital transfer with authority.
  5. Representing F. Company in Vietnam in acquisition of Z Project: researching on the feasibility of the transaction, consulting, reviewing related documents, agreements, drafting contracts.
  6. Representing a BVI in acquisition of capital contribution of 3 companies in advertising and communication services in Vietnam.
  7. Representing a Korean company in acquisition of a real estate project in X province, including consultation on the structure of the transaction, preparing related documents and licensing procedures.
  8. Representing a foreign investor to transfer a construction project to another foreign investor in Vietnam including drafting and negotiating the S&P contracts.